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My blood test results are: wbc 3.6; rbc 3.52; hbg 9.9;hct 32; mcv 90; mch 28; mchc 31; rdw 17.6; plt 280; mpv 8.0; neutg; lymph% 24; m0n0% 7; eos% 2; baso% 1; neut% 2.4; lymph# *****; m0n0#0.3; eos#0.1;baso# *****; abs retic# *****; retic% 1.09question: What in the world does all this mean besides I am anemic. The exact cause of the anemia is not apparent from the labs, but there are several comments that can be made. My first one had me a 7.1 hbg, hence the blood those levels are perfect as are my liver function tests The eval was done with blood draws every 3 months...the time..pcp found what she thought was too many immature red blood cells; and different shades of color of the cells; Thank you for the additional information. I had 2 pints of packed red blood cells given to me on 3-2-11..having weekly blood draws..I am on monthly ones. The reticulocyte count is low for this level of anemia. The reticulocytes are fresh cells that have recently been released from the bone marrow. When dealing with anemia, there are some problems that cause a loss of red blood cells, such as chronic bleeding or hemolysis, and some problems that are due to inadequate production. If there is a loss of red blood cells causing anemia, the reticulocyte count should increase, as the body tries to correct the anemia. Since it is low, there appears to be a problem with production. Problems with production can be due to nutritional deficiencies, but if these levels have been checked and are normal, then it would be appropriate to look for other causes. If no other cause is identified, then examination of the bone marrow would be appropriate. Since a bone marrow is invasive, it is not typically done early in the evaluation, but if the blood tests are not identifying the cause, then it would be appropriate to consider a bone kind of problems with production of the blood are we talking about? How do you find the problems and what kind of causes should be examined? Since I know a bone marrow biopsy is not in the cards for at least 3 months or more...should I request one from my PCP...may or may not see the justifications for it.they have sent me to the cancer center to determine the cause of my anemia, but I am not getting any answers from him. Other patients of his have remarked he will not comment until he KNOWS what is going on...I am the type of patient who wants to know the entire information available and what should I expect, how often and the WHY!! lol There are several types of conditions that can affect the bone marrow, including aplastic anemia, marrow dysplasia, infection, leukemia, or infiltration by a metastatic cancer. A bone marrow is not typically performed by a PCP; it is usually done by the Hematologist/Oncologist, and the PCP will usually defer to the Hematologist. I don't think I am out of the woods yet with this...after receiving the blood transfusions, I came up in my hmg to 10.0 and its back down a few points within the week. If you feel that the problem is not being adequately addressed, then it may be appropriate to talk with your PCP about other options. My mother was anemic, but she had 12 children and 13 miscarriages along with a prolapsed uterus and refused a hyst. My BP has been really low, I am a fall risk and I bruise so easily. I will be accepting your answer...have been very informative and very patient with my questions. The most likely cause of her anemia was iron deficiency anemia, and it has already been shown that you do not have iron deficiency. There are some hereditary forms of anemia, such as hereditary spherocytosis, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and Fanconi anemia, which can cause marrow dysplasia or leukemia. Since many women are iron deficient, the fact that your mother was anemic would not change the evaluation, unless it is known that she had a type of anemia that is hereditary. I have no pain, no symtoms other than blood in urine. Emergency room rand urine test, blood work, and CT scan of abdomen. Just showed a little yeast and gave me medicine for a yeast infection. Could it be something that the doctors aren't picking up. Called doctor and doctor told me to go to emergency room. Next morning woke up and blood in urine was darker like dark purple it appeared. I also suffer from IBS so this is the last thing i need. He states, "No, but just in case." He told me to take Cipro and come back in two weeks because he did blood work. Would appreciate any feedback as this is really scaring me and beginning to ruin my life with worry. But there is usually a trace of blood after urinating at any other time of the day bar the morning when it doesn't seem to effect me as much. He has asked me to take antibiotics and admonished me to frequently clean the foreskin area. By the way..normal doctor will diagnose you with lyme or these infections. Of course there are other things it could be too, but were it me 3 years ago I would want a list of the possiblites so I wouldn't have to go through the hell that I have been the past few months. One thing i have noticed though is it seems to be worse just after i have had a bowel movement. I am not circumcised and my urologist believes that the bleeding is because the penis has been infected due to to a not-so-clean foreskin. I would look into babesia, lyme, and bartonella which can all cause blood in urine without an actual infection. I have had small microscopic blood cells in my urine when passing kidney stones but you could see it my urine. In fact the last 2 days have been blood filled when urinating. More likely it was a co-infection of bartonella or babesia which caused my herx reaction to the Bactrim (which I had taken before and not had a problem with). I have a kidney disease and I very rarely have blood in my urine. However i am into my 3rd day of anti-biotics and nothing has changed. The blood in my urine (which did go away) was the first sign years ago. I know some foods, drnks, and/or medicines can turn your wrine different colors and make it appear even bloody. I talked my Doctor into giving me anti-biotics in the hopes it could be cystitis. Fast fwd to fall 2012 and all hell breaks lose in my body. I had the bite, and the EM rash and lived in a hunting cabin. I would keep going back to the dr until they tested me for everything~Did they test it and prove it was blood? Have also had mild stinging when urinating on occasion but not all the time. But sometimes after having a bowel movement blood trickles out of penis nigh on pure blood. Had a physical examination giving everything a good prod and squeeze. Followed by a Cystoscopy (camera inserted) of my bladder. The problem has been getting worse though and more frequent. FYI - I just saw your post and thought OMG - I have to respond to this. The doc just shrugged and said thats weird but no need for concern. For the last 7 months i have had blood in my urine. When 'drying off' after urinating there is usually blood on the toilet paper. First a ultrasound of kidneys, bladder and prostate. Slowly after I stopped the antibiotics the pain went away. After showing my doctor a picture of the blood he sent me for tests at hospital. I felt horrible - the worst PMS like cramps you could imagine..headaches, then fevers, then swollen glands.

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