Rbc des laurentides royal bank online banking login sign in Find Royal Bank of Canada RBC Routing Transit Number on a Check The best way to find the routing number for your Royal Bank of Canada RBC checking, savings or business account is to look into the lower left corner of the bank check. Royal Bank of Canada RBC - Vimont Br Branch Location Address 1958 des Laurentides Blvd, Laval, QC H7M 2R3. Location Map of Royal Bank of Canada. A routing number identifies the financial institution and the.

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Fee when you hold combined assets of $15,000 or more across your RBC Direct Investing accounts. And there are several other ways to lower your fees at RBC Direct Investing. For example, set up a Pre–Authorized Contribution Plan There may be commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus or Fund Facts before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. For money market funds there can be no assurances that the fund will be able to maintain its net asset value per security at a constant amount or that the full amount of your investment in the fund will be returned to you. The products, services and securities referred to on any RBC Direct Investing Automated Service (as such term is defined in RBC Direct Investing's Operation of Account Agreement) are only available in the jurisdictions where they may be legally offered for sale. The information provided on any RBC Direct Investing Automated Service should not be construed as an offer by RBC Direct Investing to sell specific securities in any jurisdiction, including the United States. If you are not currently a resident of Canada, you should not access the information available on any RBC Direct Investing Automated Service. Specific terms and conditions apply to membership in the RBC Direct Investing Community. For details please sign into the RBC Direct Investing online investing site, click the link to the Legal Terms of Use and read the RBC Direct Investing Community - Terms of Service. For a definition of an unauthorized transaction and full details regarding the protections and limitations of the Online Security Guarantees, please see your account and/or online agreements with the applicable entity. The guarantees are given by Royal Bank of Canada in connection with its online banking service and RBC Direct Investing Inc. There is no quarterly maintenance fee charged if your combined assets are $15,000 or more across all of your RBC Direct Investing accounts. If your combined assets are less than $15,000 across all of your RBC Direct Investing accounts, you will be charged one maintenance fee of $25 per quarter (split across all of your accounts).. For full details please refer to the complete Commissions and Fees Schedule at per equity trade when you trade 150 times or more per quarter. All RBC Direct Investing clients pay $9.95 flat CDN or U. per equity trade with no minimum account balance or trading activity required. This pricing only applies to trades placed through an available Automated Service (as such term is defined in RBC Direct Investing's Operation of Account Agreement), including the online investing site and mobile application. Through DS Online, you’ve been able to keep track of the progress you’re making towards your financial goals with convenient online account access. Now, with the upcoming launch of the new RBC Wealth Management Online, you will enjoy a significantly upgraded online experience. It’s coming very soon, so if you haven’t yet enrolled in our online services, there’s never been a better time. There’s never been a better time to enrol for our online services. In the coming weeks, DS Online will be upgraded to the state-of-the-art RBC Wealth Management Online. Building on the great features you can enjoy now with DS Online, the new RBC Wealth Management Online will offer you a greatly enhanced online experience: View your account information any time from the convenience of any personal computer or device with secure Internet access. Do so knowing your privacy is protected by your confidential password, personal verification questions and advanced encryption technology. Find out the value of your equities, options and mutual funds – all based on current market pricing. You also can view your transactions and check on the status of your trade orders. Obtain detailed real-time quotes for stocks and options listed on Canadian and U. markets, and daily closing prices for mutual funds. Plus, you can create up to 50 custom “watchlists” each containing up to 100 securities you want to monitor. And you’ll receive exclusive market commentary and the latest business news. Access key documents such as statements, tax slips, annual reports, trade confirmations and prospectuses at any time. You’ll have current documents at your fingertips, plus a seven-year archive. Choosing e Documents means you reduce your paperwork, while helping the environment. Click to RBC Wealth Management Online through RBC Online Banking, and view all of your various RBC accounts. You can also transfer funds from your RBC Royal Bank accounts to your RBC Dominion Securities accounts in real-time during regular business hours. Download the complimentary RBC Mobile app, which gives you another convenient way to access RBC Wealth Management Online from any device, such as your smartphone, tablet or desktop. using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience. Www rbc ca online banking sign in www rbc ca online banking A fee of $25 per quarter applies to clients with combined assets of less than $15,000 in all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts. Competitive interest rates on fixed-income and margin account loans. RBC Direct Investing offers access to one of Canada's largest online fixed income inventories. Connect with RBC Online Banking. Click to RBC Wealth Management Online through RBC Online Banking, and view all of your various RBC accounts. You can also transfer funds from your RBC Royal Bank accounts to your RBC Dominion Securities accounts in real-time during regular business hours. How do I contribute to my RRSP from my online bank? How do I contribute to my TFSA from my online bank? How do I get my PIN for my new National Bank Mastercard credit card? I didn’t receive a verification code to sign in to my online bank. With more than 100 years of dedicated service to the Caribbean, RBC has a presence in 10 countries across the Caribbean, serving nearly one million clients. As one of the Caribbean’s leading diversified financial services companies, RBC provides personal and commercial banking, wealth management, corporate and investment banking, insurance and trust and asset management services to a range of clients, including individuals, small businesses, general commercial entities, regional and multi-national corporations and governments.

Your online bank is accessible at all times from your living room, kitchen or garden. Sign in Transcript of the video Welcome to the first informational video on our online banking services. Make your daily transactions with just a few clicks. Did you have to make a deposit but hesitated going to the branch in person because of the line-up? Do you owe a friend money and have run out of cheques or cash? That's where digital solutions can make your life easier. At the end of this video, you'll be able to: Because you use your phone every day, manage your finances at your fingertips with the National Bank mobile app. Update your National Bank app regularly to take advantage of the latest upgrades and ensure greater protection against fraud. When using our virtual assistant, you accept these terms of use, which are subject to change without notice. Furthermore, you agree to consult these terms of use from time to time. Your continued use of the virtual assistant means that you have accepted any changes that may have been made and that you read, understand and agree to these Terms of Use, the Terms of Use for our website, our Online transaction services and our privacy policy. You also understand any other agreements that you have with us will continue to apply when you use the virtual assistant. Our Services and your Responsibilities The virtual assistant is an automated service which is integrated into your online bank. The virtual assistant is preprogrammed to answer general questions concerning the use of your online bank solely for informational purposes. The virtual assistant is not able to answer questions on personal monetary transactions or products you hold with us. By using the virtual assistant, you understand and agree that: 2. Limitation of Liability You acknowledge that we won’t be liable for any losses or damages that you may suffer as a result of your use of the virtual assistant, including if the virtual assistant is unavailable for any reason. We cannot guarantee that the results obtained via the virtual assistant will be accurate and reliable and that the answers provided will meet your expectations. We will not be held liable for damages you incur as a result of: 3. Governing Law These terms of use are governed and must be interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in the province or territory where you reside. If you reside outside Canada, the laws in force and the courts of competent jurisdiction are those of the province of Quebec. Hello, I’m Sugnesh Patel, and I’m joined by my colleague Gavin. Each year, we help hundreds of clients carry out their daily transactions. We advise them on the best solutions to save time and money and carry out transactions in complete security. With digital features and services rapidly changing, it’s normal to be anxious. Today we’ll go over five digital features that will make your life easier. Have you ever turned back to the branch for a deposit because of the lineup? Do you owe a friend an amount of money and have no more checks or cash? This is where digital solutions can make your life easier. Here’s what you’ll be able to do after watching the video: Create an account and sign in, deposit cheques, pay bills, carry out transfers between accounts and Interace-Transfers and schedule appointments. If you don’t already have an online account, you’ll need a personal and unshared email address. And don’t panic, a transaction made by mistake could still be reversed. Now let’s go over how to create an online account or sign in. First step: How to create your account online or sign in. Choose a strong password and keep your password secret. A strong password is long, as much as 21 characters. You should also use a different password for each online service, your email, bank account and social networks. National Bank will never ask for your password, whether by text, email or phone. It’s practical, no need to go to a branch and it is fast, your funds are deposited immediately. If someone asks for your password, it’s very likely to be a fraud attempt. Now that you have an online account, let’s go over a feature that will save you some time. Start by downloading the National Bank app from the App Store or Google Play. You have a cheque to deposit, but you don’t have time to go to a branch? Important: Cheques can only be deposited using your cell phone or tablet via the National Bank app. Once in the National Bank app, follow these five steps to deposit your cheque. You can either search in alphabetical order or type the supplier’s name directly into the search bar. Don’t be surprised, as you bring your phone closer to the cheque, the app will automatically take a photo without you needing to press a button. Now let’s look at another very useful feature: Online bill payments. You will need to enter the reference number, also known as the notice number or invoice number. To avoid having to start over, make sure your cheque is on a flat and even surface. If you think that the amount shown on the image isn’t correct, you’ll be asked to confirm the amount before depositing the cheque. This is depending on the withdrawal limit, the one associated with your debit card. Is your electricity or municipal tax bill almost due? You also need to have your bill in hand for the reference number and a paper and pen to note the confirmation number. Several suppliers include the number to enter the online payments on their bills. Once your transaction is complete, a message will tell you how long to keep your cheque before destroying it. Want to schedule a payment to avoid forgetting one and paying late fees? My online bank also gives you more information on this. Now let’s see how to send an Interac e-Transfer or transfer funds between your accounts. If you have more than one account with the same supplier, you can add a second account and change its name. You were part of a group gift and you have to pay your share? Is your niece celebrating her 18th birthday and you want to give her money to mark the occasion? Sending an electronic transfer is easier than choosing a birthday card! You can do it on your computer, tablet or cell phone. On my online bank, you’ll see two transfer features; 1. "Send money", for transferring funds to other people or "Move money": transferring funds between two accounts of your own. Add the recipient, their first and last name and choose how they will receive the transfer: by email or by text message. When you have added the recipient, the amount and the frequency. You will need to communicate the response with the recipient before making the transfer to ensure that they will receive the funds. To transfer funds between accounts, from the transaction menu, click "Move money". Select your two bank accounts: the account you want to transfer money from and the one you want to transfer money to. The “Send Money” option lets you transfer money to a recipient regardless of the bankwhere their account is held. Interac e-Transfers are also included in most of our banking packages. Step one, click "Personal Banking" in the navigation bar. You just have to add the amount you want to transfer, the date of the transfer and the frequency. The Bank’s mission is to provide you with easily accessible advice. There are three ways to make an appointment: by computer, tablet or cell phone. Step two, go to the "Quick Links" section at the bottom of the pageand click "Make an appointment". With our digital solutions, you can carry out a wide range of transactions from anywhere and at any time. Our employees are still there to assist you with your more complex needs and to answer your questions. Step three, follow the steps and tick "Make an appointment". Simply choose the date and time, and you’ll receive confirmation of your appointment via email. Thank you to spending time with us today, we hope you find this information helpful. If you require further assistance, you can come visit us at your local branch. The same seamless experience no matter where you are, adapting to your device of choice. It's available for both personal and business members. Sign in to online banking using the link at the top of this page. Servus has measures in place to safeguard your privacy and security. Www rbc ca online banking sign in banque direct royale Explore the personal financial services and products that RBC offers to clients in the Caribbean. RBC Online Banking is operated by Royal Bank of Canada. 2. Please note that each payment to a third party from your RBC Royal Bank credit card account is treated as a cash advance up to your available credit and daily limits and is subject to the standard annual interest rate applicable to your credit card account, from the day the cash. A fee of $25 per quarter applies to clients with combined assets of less than $15,000 in all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts. Competitive interest rates on fixed-income and margin account loans. RBC Direct Investing offers access to one of Canada's largest online fixed income inventories. Software which linked their own PCs directly to the bank's host computer to access a variety of services. The first national personal computer banking service in Canada, PC Banking was rolled out nationally in late 1996. Action Direct launched PCACTION, a software package designed to provide clients with real time stock quotes and market information as well as manage their accounts - from their home or office - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Royal Bank Action Direct introduced Net Action, an Internet trading service. Using Net Action, investors could place equity, option and mutual fund orders in real time at a discount off regular commission fees. In alliance with AT&T Canada, Royal Bank introduced connect@work, which offered small business clients the opportunity to do their banking and business on the Internet. Royal Bank Connect@work was the first package of its kind in Canada. Royal Bank became the first Canadian - and one of the first North American financial institutions to provide live implementation of a Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) end-to-end Internet payment solution. This gave Visa merchants and small businesses conducting business online the capability to offer consumers a highly secure payment option for Internet commerce. Royal Bank launched a fully dedicated French-language web site at It represented a first for the market: no other major financial institution - and few other organizations - offered a separate French language site. Royal Bank signed four utilities to an electronic bill presentment pilot operated by e-route inc., a technology company jointly owned by Royal Bank and five other Canadian financial institutions. Electronic bill presentment allows clients to receive bills over the Internet. Royal Bank and British Airways announced a major strategic alliance with the launch of British Airways Global Financial Services, which began with the Offshore Deposit Account on June 1, 1999. The alliance offered world travellers a range of international financial services - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - through toll-free telephone service and access to a secure Internet site. Residents of Sherbrooke, Quebec, charted new territory in the virtual world as they became the first in Canada to load Mondex electronic cash onto their Royal Bank Client Cards via the Internet through a pilot program. and Royal Bank announced a strategic alliance that featured Royal Bank's acquisition of a 20 per cent stake in AOL Canada Inc. The agreement allowed the two companies to explore co-branded and bundled services and collaborate on a range of e-commerce projects. Royal Bank Action Direct launched Net Action 2.0, an online direct investing brokerage featuring real-time market quotes, estimated commissions, market research, news and Royal Link inter-account cash transfer service. Royal Bank introduced a new service that allowed clients to make additional online contributions to most Royal Bank RRSP investments including Royal Mutual Funds and Savings Deposits. Added in December 2001 were additional online contributions to RRSP GICs and switching among Royal Bank RRSP investments. Royal Bank introduced North America's first wireless banking service for Palm handhelds, offering clients secure access to most online banking features, including account balances, funds transfer and bill payment.e-route inc., a company owned by Royal Bank and other leading financial institutions in Canada, launched webdoxs, an electronic document presentment (EDP) service that allows consumers to receive and pay bills from participating businesses directly through their online banking accounts. Royal Bank Action Direct launched a new online trading service that allows clients to search and identify for purchase investment products from RBC Capital Markets' inventory of fixed income securities, (Canada's largest), including GICs, corporate and government bonds and treasury bills. Royal Bank introduced an enhancement to its Online Banking service that enabled clients to move money electronically to another RBC Royal Bank personal or business client. This provided online clients with a convenient and immediate method to move funds to friends, family or between associated companies. With the introduction of My View, Royal Bank was the first financial institution in Canada to provide online clients with an account aggregation feature permitting them to view, organize and manage virtually all their financial assets on one screen, including Royal Bank banking and trading accounts, as well as online deposit accounts, credit cards, investments, personal loans and residential mortgages from other financial institutions. Royal Bank was the first to offer Email Money Transfer under the trusted Interac brand to more than two million online banking clients. Individuals or small business clients transferred money to another financial institution in real time by sending an email message and including a secret question they created. The program allowed clients to “chat live” with a Royal Bank representative from anywhere in the world using online chat as long as they have access to the Internet. The program also allowed “co-browsing” whereby a representative could view a client's computer screen and provide guidance or assistance while the client is online. RBC Direct Investing introduced real-time fund transfers. With this new capability, clients could transfer funds to and from RBC Direct Investing accounts and any RBC Royal Bank account that is connected to their client card provided that the accounts were in the same currency.